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World Environment Day

The United Nations Decade for Ecosystem Restoration begins on June 5, and governments, businesses, organizations and citizens are invited to join forces in a global movement to prevent, halt and reverse ecosystem degradation, ensuring a sustainable future for all.

World Environment Day has been chosen by the United Nations as a day to raise awareness around the world and to take actions to protect nature. It is celebrated in over 100 countries worldwide.

First of all, World Environment Day is the "day of the people" in which to take care of the Earth. It can be something small, at the local level, or bigger at the national or global level, a stand-alone action or one that brings many people together. Everyone can choose.

Every year, World Environment Day is held with a theme that draws attention to an acute pressing environmental issue.

In 2021, the celebration of World Environment Day will be on the theme of "ecosystem restoration" and will focus on restoring our connection with nature. This will also mark the official launch of the United Nations Decade for the Recovery of Ecosystems 2021-2030.

By 2030, global greenhouse gas emissions must be halved to prevent devastating climate change. Huge progress is needed to achieve the goals of sustainable development - from eradicating poverty and combating disease to conserving biodiversity. We shall also lose biodiversity - a frightening trend that could lead to the extinction of 1 million species, including fish.

Different approaches to the restoration of eight key types of ecosystems have been identified - forests and trees, rivers and lakes, urban areas, oceans and seas, agricultural lands and pastures, mountains, peatlands.

More about the initiative -

Get involved in selected activities, no special day is needed!

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