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Recreational fishing - an integral part of the EU's tourism strategy?

At EU level, the RecFishing Forum webinar discusses the Strategy for the Recovery of the Tourism Sector and the contribution of the recreational fishing sector to the ecological recovery after the COVID-19 crisis.

Experts believe that recreational fishing provides many economic, social and health benefits and can create the much-needed link between environmental plans, local communities and tourists. However, more data are needed to fully understand the potential of the sector and to develop adequate policies.

According to experts, the promotion of fishing tourism can benefit not only the recovery of recreational fishing, but also all segments of the tourism sector, especially in coastal, rural and remote areas, which can rely only on certain sources of income. The contribution of amateur fishermen is significant and probably even greater than currently estimated. In reality, the fishing community can contribute to the recovery and sustainability of the tourism sector in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis.


Amateur fishermen contribute to the local economy by buying items from fishing shops, visiting hotels, restaurants and supporting the local labor market by buying or renting boats or by using the services provided by fishing guides and charter companies.

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