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It's late autumn! What fish and where?

Where and what fish can be caught on the Bulgarian waters in late autumn


Perch. This is still the most caught fish in late autumn. There is fishing in different parts of the dam, but the most preferred and with the most positive reviews is the Orehite area. What is the bate: live fish and jig lures. Other predators are often caught with similar tactics: pike and whitefish. Boat fishing is allowed and a good approach in the waters.


The dam is one of the favorite places for spinning. Most often the catch is perch. Jig fishing is most effective and practiced in late autumn. Feeder method can "bring" you bream or roach.


Big bream are waiting for you here. Great place for feeder fishing. Fish must be sought at a great distance and success at this time of autumn is uncertain.


Currently, the river provides nase, mullets and white barbels. In the Veliko Tarnovo region, the pools near Dolna Oryahovitsa and Parvomaytsi have emerged as the most visited recently. Pike are caught during the corrections, but there is no data on trophy specimens taken out.


The nase is the main species of fish at the moment. A variety of catches can be expected from Blagoevgrad and downstream. In addition to nase, fishermen can also enjoy catching mullets, as well as a lucky single barbel. That is what fishermen who visited the areas of Belo Pole, Monza, Zheleznitsa, Simitli testify. The nase bites the crumb, and other species of fish can be caught on the white worm.


In good weather, bluefish are caught the most. It can be caught in fishing nets. Scad is also almost ubiquitous.


Perch and common roach are mainly caught, and in the deep water on the shores of the wall there is a mullet.


In Zhrebchevo fishermen with boats caught big perch. But the passages are already grouped in deep water and need to be located. They are caught on silicones and live fish. The shore is suitable for a feeder and bream can be found at greater depths.


Perch fishing is currently relevant. Jig lures are the most effective. There are also hits from white fish, but they are rarer.


There are over 30 species of fish in the Danube River. Currently, fishing is beneficial for feeder enthusiasts, who declare a catch of barbel, mullet, bream, and nase. Predators such as bream, pike and whitefish can be caught on spinning.


Wild carp on the lower reaches of the river attract fishing enthusiasts. The most popular places are the ponds near the village of Dolni Lukovit.


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