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Do you like sport fishing?

If your answer is "YES", get acquainted with the State Sports Calendar of the Bulgarian Fishing Sports Federation for 2021.

Competitions in five disciplines are forthcoming as follows:

Float fishing

I round: April 22 - 25, Greben Canal - Plovdiv

Round II: May 20 - 23, The Lake in Shumen

Round III: June 10 - 13, Lake Mandra in Burgas

IV round: July 22 - 25, Lake "Mandra" in Burgas

Feeder fishing

Round I: June 5-6, Mandra Lake in Burgas

Round II: August 7-8, Greben Canal - Plovdiv

Round III: September 4 - 5, Greben Canal - Plovdiv

Carp fishing

Round I: June 17 - 20, Trastikovo and Bersin dams

Round II: July 15-18, Trastikovo and Bersin dams

Round III (finals): August 5-8

Catching predatory fish from the shore

Round I: May 7-9, Vacha River

Round II: May 21-23, Vacha River

Round III: June 11-13, Vacha River

Round IV: June 25 - 27, Vacha River

Catch trout with live bait

Round I: June 19 - 20, Vacha River

Round II: September 11 - 12, Vacha River

Round III: September 25-26, Vacha River


October 28 - 31, Greben Canal - Plovdiv

Good luck to all the teams that decided to compete this year!

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