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I. Foreword


This application will give you guidance on how to use the interactive map with information about fishing and boat trip places in the Bulgaria-Romania cross-border region along the Danube River and in the Danube Plane.

Your search in the platform can be based on different criteria: water body location, preferred fish type, places in the area where you can buy tackle, bait, or hire a boat, accommodation places in case you decide to stay longer. A lot of useful information is provided about every place, including tips about places to build a bivouac.


The interactive map enables you to:

  • search criteria-based locations;

  • filter, make routes;

  • print out or e-mail the map you have generated;

  • add points of interest/feedback or details to the map regarding information about your business, or a place of interest for users, subject to administrator's approval;

  • create, save and share your own fishing routes;

  • comment on the fishing sites.


II. User Types


There are two main types of users of this platform:

  1. Unregistered users;

  2. Unregistered users;


Questions and answers in the next segment will clarify the difference between the user types, the benefits of registration and the way the map works.


Enjoy your reading!


1. Unregistered user

Question: What is the information I see when opening the website for the first time?

Answer: You see the home page showing About Us, Blog, Search, Language, and Log in/Registration. You can change the map view from geographical to satellite and vice versa using the upper left button (picture 2).


picture 1


















picture 2

Question: What is the information I see about each location if I am not a registered user? Is it just the fishing spots? Can I also see tourist sites?

Answer: You can see all information available about the place, be it about fishing or tourism; pictures, description, latest weather forecast, fish species at that place, types of fishing suitable for the place.

Fishing place: Hizha Prista

















Tourist site: St. Marina Monastery

Question: Does the platform include Street View?

Answer: The Street View function is activated by dragging the stylized image of a man (in the lower right bottom of the screen) on the map.


















Question: Are the links to the fish species active? Do I see the information about them?

Answer: The links are active. They lead you to the species description, and you see all the available information.















Question: Can I leave comments if I am not a registered user, but there is something in the description I want to comment on?

Answer: You can make comments even if you are not a registered user.






Question: There are many sites on the map; can I enlarge the field to see better?

Answer: You can use the Ctrl + Scroll button to see more details and read the map better (see picture 2).




















Question: How does the search in the website work?

Answer: The platform is a modern integrated smart search IT solution, but you should enter at least three symbols to activate the full-text search function and the option to automatically fill in selection parameters.

1. The system enables searching and finding updated information available in it as well as extended search combining several information search criteria using a complex filter;


































2. You can also perform an extended search on all criteria included in the platform (including full-text search).

3. You can search in different ways - full match, partial match, use of wildcards, etc.

4. You can create and save search filters.

Question: Can I add sites (fishing or tourist) and create routes if I am not a registered user?

Answer: Such options are only accessible to registered users.

Question: Can I add fish species if I am not a registered user?

Answer: This option is only accessible to registered users.

Question: Can I participate in the blog if I am not a registered user?

Answer: You can read and add comments but you cannot open new discussions.

2. Registered user


Registered users can do everything listed above, with fully activated platform functions. With your registration in the platform, you can manage your profile, the information about the sites you upload, and your commercials; you can fully participate in the blog and rate the sites.


Question: What are the registration steps?

Answer: This is an intuitive user-friendly platform; your registrations takes just a few steps.


Step 1: Fill in your details, then click on the Registration field and you will immediately have a registered account.




















Step 2: Manage your account: set the language in which you will use the platform; update your profile - change the password, put a profile picture, add sites, create routes.
















Question: What should I do if I forget my password?

Answer: If you do not have your access password, it can be reset by using the Forgot Your Password button at the bottom of the login form.

Enter a valid email address to which they system will automatically send the reset information.



















Question: Can I edit my profile later?

Answer: Every registered user can edit his/her registered profile by clicking on the Profile button.

Things you can change:

  • Your email address;

  • Your password;

  • Your default language;

  • Your profile picture.



Question: How do I log out of my profile?

Answer: You can log out of your user profile by using the Log Out button that appears after you click on the user's picture in the upper right header corner of the corresponding system page.

If you have logged out, the system responds to you as to an unregistered user and applies the corresponding accessible function restrictions.


Question: How to add a place?

Answer: Use the Add a Site button








Step 1: Fill in the fields


















Step 2: After you fill in the required information, you send the registered new site for administrator approval, so please do not expect to see your site there immediately! The system administrator approves the site within 24 hours.


If the site is approved, it will be visualised on the map together with the already existing fishing and tourist places and will be included in the search results when the search parameters match.

Question: How to build a route?

Answer: Use the Routes button > Create a new route, part of the user profile control panel.






To create a new route, you should enter:

  • Starting point

  • Points on the way

  • Final point


Important remark: Entering starting and final point enables the choice of date and site name.

Adding one or more points on the way enables the choice of sites existing in the system; they can be defined as destinations on the way from the starting to the final point.

After the required information is entered, the user enters a name to the route which can be saved.






Question: Can I edit or delete a route?

Answer: You can edit the existing information about each created and saved route after you choose it from the list of routes accessible from your account. You can delete a route after you choose it from the list of routes accessible from your account.

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