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Find your

favorite fishing spot!


Created by you and living because of you!

A wonderful place where people sharing the same interests can communicate!

Interactive digital map

which takes you to the most interesting and popular places for fishing

  • selected by fishing enthusiasts;

  • possibility for direct selection;

  • search by type of fish, type of pond or method of fishing;

  • unique descriptions;

  • fishing stories;

  • weather forecast;

  • saving favorite places in a personal profile;

  • creating your own routes;

  • assessment and opinion on fishing spots;

  • opportunity to introduce new favorite spots;

  • information on places to eat and accommodation nearby, as well as fishing tackle shops.


For an unforgettable fishing trip

Everything you need to know about a fishing spot.

Where to go?
What fish bites?

Are you looking for a specific type of fish? Find out where it is hiding and how to lure it.

What does it bite on?

Find out which is the most suitable bait for the chosen spot.

What else?

Do I need a permit? Is there a fishing fee? Can I go with a boat can?

Look for the most suitable spot on the map! For fishing, recreation, walking or eating?

Personalize your experience!

  • search for a location according to set criteria,

  • filtering, routing,

  • possibility to print or send by e-mail the generated map,

  • adding places of interest / feedback or additions to the map, in order to add information about your own business or place of interest from users, with a preliminary review by an administrator.

  • opportunity to create your own fishing routes, save and share,

  • leaving comments and opinions on particular fishing spots.



Your favorite fishing spots!


You can plan your fishing holiday or weekend and visit new places that you will find on our map; just organise your search by types of fish, or by availability of a shopping place where you can buy bait, spoon lure, hooks and other fishing tackle. You can check for a place to have a nice meal in the company of other fishermen, who will listen to your latest fanciful story. You can also find a place to go to with your family and have a tasty fish soup or some other local dish.

There is more than that! Tell the good news to other fishing mates! Share your pictures of the places you have visited and the fish you have caught! Help other fans to find the place they will like best! Create your own event! Organise a party or a competition! Praise the chef of your favourite eating house! Share an interesting story! And never forget that each of us is responsible for the preservation of the magnificent fishing places along the ancient Danube! is your platform!

Fishing Tackle
Do you have a shop?

If you own a fishing tackle shop and want to have it on the map,

Are you a businessman, hotelier or restaurateur?

Do you run a private pond and want to be on the map? Do you own a business near fishing grounds?

Calm Lake

How to be visible on the map?

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Клуб по спортен риболов
"Дунав Русе"



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